With the Florida House recently passing a bill that would eliminate the Certificate of Need (CON) process in Florida and the bill now on deck in the Senate, I think it is important now more than ever for the public to have a good understanding of the possible implications this deregulation could have. Tune in to my podcast as I discuss CON with Dr. Marshall Kapp and hear his opinions on the topic.

Dr. Marshall Kapp is the Director of the Florida State University Center for Innovative Collaboration in Medicine & Law, and a faculty member at the College of Medicine and College of Law. He is a member of the American Medical Directors Association Foundation, Scientific Council, and the editor of the Journal of Legal Medicine, a publication by the American College of Legal Medicine. He is an expert on the Certificate Of Need Program (CON), and has co-authored the Healthcare Foundation of South Florida’s study on the need for CON in Florida.

Key Takeaways: [:25] This episode’s topic is Certificate of Need — Deregulation in the State of Florida. [:56] What is the Certificate of Need Program (CON)? [1:36] Read more about John’s perspective on the deregulation of the CON at his blog. [1:48] Today’s guest is Dr. Marshall Kapp and he will be sharing his view on the CON. [2:53] What is Marshall’s opinion on Certificate of Need from an academic, scholarly perspective? [6:16] What makes the healthcare industry different, that regulation is necessary, and competition is not necessarily a good thing? [13:26] What would a deregulated Florida look like for the healthcare consumer? [18:00] Has Marshall seen the negative impacts of deregulation play out in other parts of the country? [19:30] John strongly believes that everyone in the community deserves access to the best, most affordable healthcare, so he advocates for legislators to put down the CON Deregulation Legislation. You, too, should reach out to your legislators and make your voice heard! Mentioned in This Episode: Inventing Health with John Couris Inventing Health on iTunes John Couris on LinkedIn

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