There is no denying that health care costs continue to skyrocket. One significant way to help reign in spending is for health care providers and payers to encourage, incentivize and provide patients with the opportunity to take a greater responsibility for their own health and wellness. For example, mobile health apps and wearables help patients feel more empowered to participate in healthy behaviors, particularly since they have the tools at their fingertips (literally) to help guide them.

In addition to technology, health care providers like Jupiter Medical Center offer health and wellness programs, gym facilities, nutrition counseling as well as smoking and addiction treatment programs—resources that encourage and empower individuals to engage in the trajectory of their own health. This ultimately leads to better outcomes and cost savings.

As David Cordani, President and CEO of Cigna, explained in a recent report  and citing a 2013 study, when patients feel more engaged, “they are more prone to participate in their health care decisions, get appropriate and recommended treatments (including preventative care) and engage in healthy behavior and seek out and use health care information. They are also less likely to be hospitalized or use emergency room for treatment.”

This is a win for the patients and the health care industry. Don’t you think?

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