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Move Over Star Wars; Hospital Command Centers Take the Spotlight

By: Mandy Roth

Health Leaders Media: “Move Over Star Wars; Hospital Command Centers Take the Spotlight”


Command centers give health systems a leading edge to manage capacity and improve patient experience.

Health systems face growing capacity challenges and …

Try Us. You’ll Like Us.

Job hoppers. Lazy. Entitled. Narcissistic. Addicted to technology. These are all common perceptions people have of Millennials. As a Millennial, rather than take this stone throwing personally, I want to provide a different lens for you to view us through.…

The Privilege of Dying

By: Marlene Goodwin-Esola, Academic Chief Nursing Officer

I am honored to share my heartfelt thoughts on the tremendous effect that a nurse can have when faced with a dying patient.  Nurses are privileged to care for patients as they enter …