Author: John Couris

Say What You Mean (and Mean What You Say)

Spend a day at my house and you will most likely hear my wife, or I, exclaim the following to one of our young-adult children: “say what you mean and mean what you say.” We set the expectation with our …

New Tampa General Hospital Command Center Uses Human and Artificial Intelligence to Improve Patient Care

Mission Critical: Focus on supporting team members so they can do what they do best–care for patients

This week is “mission critical” at TGH as we become the fourth hospital in the world and the first in Florida to open …

Show Your Team You Care

By: John Couris
Becker’s Hospital Review

I’m very fortunate. I work in a field and have a job that I love. I have the privilege of spending a majority of my time focused on the health and well-being of my …

There’s Something Worth Cheering in Florida. It’s Not the CON Law’s Repeal.

By: John Couris

HealthLeaders Media

We at Tampa General Hospital compete every day, and I am a proponent of free market principles. But, unlike one of my peers, I’m not cheering the repeal of Florida’s Certificate of Need law. I

It All Starts With Us

At TGH, our primary goal is simple: to provide the highest quality and most compassionate care possible to our patients. It guides all that we do, and it is the core of who we are. We also believe that we …

How Vulnerability Can Make You A Stronger Leader

It’s no wonder that professor-researcher, Brené Brown’s Ted Talk, “The Power of Vulnerability” has been viewed by over 41 million people—making it one of the five most popular talks in the history of …