Meet John Couris

Leader, Advocate, Change Agent

Meet John Couris
Advocating for Change

There’s Something Worth Cheering in Florida. It’s Not the CON Law’s Repeal.

There’s Something Worth Cheering in Florida. It’s Not the CON Law’s Repeal.

One TGH. One Family.

Our TGH board is comprised of outstanding community leaders that care deeply about the TGH team and the community. When they said they had a message for our team, I was not expecting anything like this.

To Our TGH Family

Combating COVID-19

I know times are difficult for us all right now, but we must stay strong as we combat COVID-19. As we manage the challenges we will face today, tomorrow, and in the weeks ahead, we must remain focused, calm, and …

Step Away from the Smart Phone

We have all experienced moments when we are trying to connect with someone—whether in a one-on-one conversation with a friend, our child, a colleague or in a meeting or presentation—and the person disconnects from us and connects with their smartphone. …

Just Do It.

I often find myself jumping in to try and fix a problem when I see one. That’s my nature. Whether it’s at TGH or an organization through which I volunteer my time, or even at home, I’m quick to respond …

It’s in the details: How a fitted sheet spurred hospital wide change at Tampa General

By: John Couris
Becker’s Hospital Review

I spend several hours each month working on the front lines of Tampa General Hospital. Over the last two years, I’ve transported patients — taking me back to my first job in the healthcare …

Recalibrating for the New Year

For many, the end of the year provides a time to reflect and set goals for the year ahead. In my experience, however, the formal act of goal setting often comes with undue stress–the stress of worrying that you won’t …