Meet John Couris

Leader, Advocate, Change Agent

Meet John Couris
Advocating for Change

There’s Something Worth Cheering in Florida. It’s Not the CON Law’s Repeal.

There’s Something Worth Cheering in Florida. It’s Not the CON Law’s Repeal.

The Natural Balance of Things

As a leader who runs an organization that is a significant piece of the fabric of my community, I believe there is no clear delineation between work and personal life. For me, I have chosen not to draw an artificial …

Putting People First

Kelly Cullen, Executive Vice President and CEO

People often ask me what’s the first thing I think about when I am driving into work at Tampa General Hospital each morning. Maybe it is because my career is rooted in

Standing Alone

A friend recently shared this image with me. I think I was drawn to it not only because I am a dog person. In fact, I am a Shepard dog person. The message in this image, brought to the surface …

Did You Know?

“The victors of health care over the next decade will all share one thing in common: the understanding that consumerism is king.”

— Ken Robbins, CEO, Mine Interactive in American Marketing Association’s Marketing Health News E-Newsletter (12/20/2017)


I was …

Two Minds Are Better Than One

I know there are a lot of folks out there who say the health care industry is broken. There is a great deal of finger pointing and a tremendous amount of frustration. I get it! But I don’t subscribe to …

A new prescription for saving Floridians money on drug costs

By: John Couris

Tampa Bay Times

Drug prices in the United States are out of control, and I’m thrilled to see that Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida legislators are doing something about it this session. Their plan to import safe, …