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Show Your Team You Care

By: John Couris
Becker’s Hospital Review

I’m very fortunate. I work in a field and have a job that I love. I have the privilege of spending a majority of my time focused on the health and well-being of my …

How Vulnerability Can Make You A Stronger Leader

It’s no wonder that professor-researcher, Brené Brown’s Ted Talk, “The Power of Vulnerability” has been viewed by over 41 million people—making it one of the five most popular talks in the history of …

Downtown Tampa needs a ‘medical district,’ hospital CEO says

Tampa General Hospital is expanding its reach by strengthening its partnership with the University of South Florida and launching a new line of urgent care clinics.

During a USF board of trustees meeting Thursday, the hospital’s CEO, John Couris, said …

Modern Healthcare Q&A: CEO John Couris wants Tampa General to be the best. Period

Q&A: CEO John Couris wants Tampa General to be the best. Period

Modern Healthcare

By Aurora Aguilar


John Couris thinks leaders in the healthcare industry should think big or go home. During his first year as CEO of Tampa

No Jerks Allowed


We’ve all had one—that mean-spirited colleague who thought they knew everything. The person who did not like to share their toys in the preverbal sandbox. The team member who jumped at every opportunity to claim credit for success and …

Sharing is Caring

It is often said, knowledge is power. And so, as leaders we tend to hold on to knowledge, dispensing it sparsely and selectively. We feel that to remain in a position of control we have to control and own all …