How do you communic...

How do you communicate with your teams to ensure collaboration?  

John Couris
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There are various ways to go about strategic planning but I have found that including your team allows for a much more efficient and collaborative process. What are some ways you approach communication on a day to day basis to keep that collaborative culture going?

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I wish I had an answer for you, Mr. Couris.  

I just wrote a post about how my department is not a team... I wanted to share it with you, thinking...'He can't possibly know our department culture is the absolute opposite of what he promotes'.   But in the end, it didn't answer your question.  Highlight / Cut / & the world is right again... but not really. 

I am direct (& yes, I need practice too) which means I could get myself into trouble without much effort.   I feel like your red gummie dog all of the time (was it really a dog?  I couldn't tell).  But this forum is about offering approaches to communication that foster collaboration.  I was so intrigued when I came across this item tonight.  I immediately wanted my department to try it & was going to send it to Organizational Development but then I found your forum & thought I'd share it directly with you. 

You offer us many great opportunities to improve communication and I hope the you & OD will consider this as a department specific activity.     Good video here from CBC/Toronto about how this 'toy' helps leaders and employees at all levels learn to work better together.    It's called The Empathy Toy.  

Not yet on the market is their new "Failure Toy".  I thought of the Tuesday Learning Mindlabs about how it's OK to fail.  The 21Toys website says this about The Failure Toy: "...failure is a learning opportunity [that] boosts their resilience" and not just kids, but adults too. "Being willing to kill projects is one of the best things that you and your teammates can do". "The Failure Toy™ challenges the notion that failure is something to be feared and hidden, and instead something that can be practised and developed as a skill."

Mr. Couris, the years that I've been at TGH have been a rough ride. At times I fought, won & came out stronger for it.  At times I did my best to simply to cope & get through... & I have.  But more recently, the culture has turned so toxic that it's painful.  I could leave, but as much as I hate the environment I'm in,  I love what I do, I love what I'm learning & I still believe that I can make a difference... if I can hold out long enough to see your vision & mentality work its way through the ranks of your leadership & into my department. We're not even on the same planet.   

"I believe you.  I believe in you."  It's something I have never though of a CEO or company leader in my life... until  you. 

Please keep trying to show your leaders the way.  I'm sure some get it & have made changes.  Others offer smiles and rhetoric belied by their actions.  

Thank you for the change that you have made, will make,  and the for hope that you bring. 



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