What do you think i...

What do you think is the biggest issue facing health care?    

John Couris
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Is it the rising costs? Regulatory challenges, staffing shortages, technology, new disruptors to the market (Although I would argue that this is a good thing), or something else?

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 Ethical challenges.  Staffing shortages and high turnover can be a result of employee burnout.  I think this is a major issue in healthcare that is often ignored.  The consequences of burnout do not only affect the healthcare worker but it can be seriously detrimental to patients.  

Hospital re-admissions.  We need to do a better job promoting wellness and educating the population.  There are too many "frequent flyers" out there.  The challenge is tracking and identifying the statistics of these high utilizers.  

Minimizing healthcare waste is imperative.  Big data analytics plays a big role in population health management and value-based care and has the potential to transform healthcare, however there are too many limitations.





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