Dysfunction seems to run in Tallahassee like a sine wave. We went from the collapse of 2015 – the House going home early, no budget, a Special Budget Session – to the trains-on-time Session of 2016, to the no-budget-at-the-end-of-regulation Session in 2017. We saw another Session in which we got oh-so-close to a gambling bill, only to have victory swallowed by the maw of Capitol defeat. And yes, the war of words between Gov. Rick Scott and House Speaker Richard Corcoran over defunding tourism marketing and business incentives got nasty, but…isn’t that why we got into this business?

John Couris – If your organization is going through a public policy challenge, Couris is the type of guy you want at the helm. The CEO of Jupiter Medical Center took a very public and thoughtful approach to explaining why the Certificate of Need deregulation bill would reduce access to health care and vital community services.

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